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How To Make a Doodly Video

Doodly is a fairly straight forward video creation software that creates short videos that can be used for many different things. This program is not free and to get a lot of the options you will need to keep buying more "upgrades" for full utility. 

Some advantages of this program are: 

Ease of use once you have mastered it. 

Professionalism of final product.

Versatility in terms of use.

Integrated ability to add music and voice overs.

High Interest and engagement with this video type.

Ease of final product to use and share in different ways. 

Some disadvantages:

The cost adds up quickly after a low introductory rate

The initial time to really learn and navigate the program

is fairly long

Probably not good for long projects due to time it takes to make each frame and the slow rate of saving at the end of the video process. 

This page is not yet live. Please check back. 

How to make a Doodly Video

This video includes ways to incorporate this into your school, lesson plans, parent and student communications and more. 

The Finished Product

Help me know what video maker you would like to learn more about by filling out the survey above. 



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