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Welcome to the Academy of Wonder

This is Nicole Pauling's Master's in Education work completion area.

If you are one of my students or parents who has wandered onto this page feel free to look at my homework :) I suppose it only seems fair, doesn't it? As you can see I am always passionate about my learning and about my students. My students and their engagement and well being is always my top priority. My successes are found when they are engaged and feel they are an active part of their own education. 

For my teachers and fellow students: as you can tell I am putting this onto my official organization page. This is my digital portfolio and you can see some insights into the business I have built in the last year.  I have created all of my curriculums, all of my activities, all of my content. I have learned how to take business principals and apply them to educational learning while still maintaining and uplifting educational quality and connectedness.

 This is the launch page for all of my Master's in Education Work. As I complete assignments I will link them from this main page so that you have the ability to come to this page to view them. You also have access to this page from my main site and vice versa.


I have a licensed LLC called the "Academy of Wonder" and as you can probably tell I believe that education is magical. I LOVE TEACHING. I love my students. I love the opportunities I have been given to connect with them each and every week. I have hired  2 other teachers at the moment who also teach for me and were trained by me. One of my teachers will be going full time soon. I am not currently hiring but may be in the future.


Learn more about what we teach, how, and why in the video below. 


Educational Technology has changed the way we connect to each other. We can communicate in entirely new ways. I can teach a student in another country or just down the street and it doesn't matter which. They will get the same amazing content. 

With technology we can meet students where they are. We can adjust everything to meet their needs. We can enable students with special needs or special learning to work at their own pace, whether that means slower or faster. It means that students within the same classroom can be working on 2 different levels and neither is penalized for it. 

Technology changes our ability to make classes interactive. It gives students a part in creating the environment that they learn in by actively helping to create it. Technology in the hands of a good teacher can truly change the life of a student and enhance it. 

Links for my Masters of Educational Technology program



This will lead you to my Capstone project from this launch page. You can also access this page directly from the link for the page. 

As parts of the project are completed those links will go "live" on the page. 

Sneak Peek Into One of My Favorite Classes

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