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Teacher Contract

Teacher Independent Contractor Contract

All Items Must Be Accepted to Continue

As a contractor for Academy of Wonder, you will be paid $10-20 for periods up to 30 minutes and $20-35 for periods up to an hour. 

Classes with 1-4 learners enrolled will be paid $10/20 (30 mins/60)

Classes with 5-10 learners enrolled will be paid $20 (30 minutes

Classes with 5-7 will be paid $30 (60 minutes)

8+ enrolled will be paid $35 (60 minutes)

There is no payment for classes with 0 learners. Classes with 0 learners 24 hours before will be cancelled. 

In the event that a student does not show for a 1 student class you will be paid $10 for waiting 10 minutes before leaving.

If you are teaching a private lesson the rate is $20/30 minutes and $40/hour. 

Thanks for submitting!

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