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Invest In Yourself

If you're a teacher on Outschool, either new or established and you are looking to take your business strategy to the next level we have a mentoring program for you. You'll be paired with our founder, Nicole Pauling, who has taught successfully on Outschool bringing in over $3000/week. She also started this organization and now has other teachers who teach for her online. 

This mentorship can be for as little or as long as you like, with flexible options and programming designed to support and encourage teachers to build their businesses. 

Sessions are done through zoom on Fridays or Saturdays (as Nicole teaches Sunday-Thursday). We offer paid mentorship options and FREE resources (below). 

To get started send me an email at or message me on Facebook

Get Started Today with these FREE Resources! 

Starting and Growing Your Teaching Business Slide Show

Common Questions Answered (Outschool: reviews, advertising, getting started, customer care)

How To Make a Doodly Video

Understanding Educational Technology Models

How To Use Zoom Functions

Make a Video Using Canva

Starting and Growing a Teaching Business On Outschool (Ed=Venture Training for Outschool)

Having a Growth Mindset (Video Interview)

How to give $20, Get $20 on Outschool (Video) 

Young Teacher

One Time Guidance

A 1 time check in to review whatever you'd like. Class topics, advertising, Creating content funnels. I generally recommend this for a profile and class review. 

1 hour mentorship and review of your classes, scheduling, pricing, profile, searchability, as well as recommendations for improving and some basic advertising. This process usually takes me 4-6 hours plus the review. 



Teacher in Classroom

Business Overview

Mentorship Course: 

Includes: Profile review

1 hour mentorship

And guidance on: 




Technology integration

You can also message me anytime with questions. 



Image by Cookie the Pom

Ongoing Mentoring

All of Business Overview plus twice monthly check ins. This program can last for as long or as little as you'd like.

Reach out anytime. Coaching on call. 


Send me messages at any time after your initial coaching for $50/month. 

Questions will be answered between my teaching of classes. 

This can only be added onto the One Time Guidance or Business Overview. If you want a 1 time session that is $100/hour.




What do  you have that is working? 

What can be changed so that it works? 


Create new content that pulls in students and create a loyal customer base


Yes, you're a teacher, but you need to think and plan like a business. 

Let's talk about social media, advertising, and marketing


How big or small your business is is entirely up to you but I can help you imagine and reach for big and small goals. 


"Five Big Shining Stars!" 

I attended the Ed-venture Outschool event and went to Nicole’s class. Everything she said was amazing! Then at the end she mentioned that she mentors new teachers, new teachers like me, and gives personalized feedback. The second that session was over, I messaged her to setup a time. It was the best money I have invested in my business. She looked at my profile, my stats, my earnings, everything! We talked about my personal business goals, and she broke down the numbers to help me see my potential. I 100% recommend Nicole to anyone who is serious about taking this Outschool job and turning it into a business. Five. Big. Shining. Stars!!!!!

Devyn Ricks


An Inspiring Role Model

Nicole is an inspiring role model as a successful Outschool teacher, and has given me helpful advice so many times! She is a really great mentor and shares her knowledge generously. I'm blessed to be able to ask questions to an experienced Outschool teacher and she always responds promptly and with great ideas.

Meg Navarro


"I was making more than my husband's full time job..." 

You want an honest opinion of Nicole's mentorship program? Let's do this. Hiring a successful, knowledgeable mentor is only half the battle. Sometimes I feel like mentors are constantly holding back information or so busy mentees are an afterthought. Nicole's mentorship is different.


One of the first things Nicole said to me is that, "Busy and Successful are not the same thing," because I was incredibly busy! Nicole cares so much about my personal success and my personal wins. I feel like Nicole remembers what it was like getting started and is willing to share her knowledge and expertise. Nicole continually shares. And no matter how Busy Nicole is, I've never felt like an afterthought.


Her feedback is constructive, her guidance is invaluable and she challenges me with things that make me a better business person and teacher alike. She values me and others, respects my time and efforts, and genuinely cares about my success.


They all say, "Set a good example." Nicole is the good example. Here's some ways she's helped me: I met Nicole in January and approached her as a shy little puppy dog when I was bringing in $3,300 a month. I implemented some of Nicole's teachings in march and immediately moved to a $4500 May. By June, I had implemented at least four semi-major teachings into my business and hit $5700 in June. I was making more than my husband's full-time job working 45 hours of live teaching for the month.


Finally, last month in July I hit $10,900 in 74 hours of live teaching.


I still have several systems to tweak according to Nicole's mentorship and I'm hoping to implement those through the end of 2021. She's the real deal, ya'll, not get rich quick but rather work your way to success. I went from a following under 400 unique families to over 1200 unique families and retention of these families nearly doubled.


In addition to monetary success that's measurable, her work efficiency, personal development, customer service, and work ethic are invaluable on their own. I hope my lifetime friendship with Nicole never ends because she's genuine, ya'll. But mostly, I hope each of you have the opportunity to develop your own unique mentoree relationship with Nicole because your success matters!


And she taught me that.

Kaitlyn Eagle


If you want someone to cover you with sugar and sweet, Nicole is not for you.

Nicole taught a session at the recent Outschool teacher’s convention about “building your business” and I happened to drop in just as she was talking about how many classes she teaches and how fast her income increased. I’ve been teaching for Outschool since March 2020, and, although I’ve been fairly successful developing and teaching classes, I have not earned a living wage, and I was becoming discouraged. I’ve been teaching 25 years and I feel like I’m an “expert” but I needed help. I sent a humble message to Nicole explaining my situation and I was surprised to receive a barrage of bossy audio messages all starting with “Okay, I want you to….”


They were GREAT! They were exactly what I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and get busy. She ignited my imagination and pushed me to find my personal niche. If you want someone to cover you with sugar and sweet, Nicole is not for you. If you want solid ideas and specific ways to make your business grow, reach out to this mentor. You’ll be glad you did. --Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson

Michelle.jpg me thinking like a business woman.

Nicole is a kind and generous person who is willing to help others. Her business sense is admirable and based on sound, real world experience that can quickly be applied to real businesses on and offline in a way that makes senses and in bite sized chunks that are not overwhelming to new business owners.


She offered to help me tweak some classes, reminded me of my own worth and even got me thinking like a business woman. She taught me and my daughter how to set up a website, advertising basics and and how to make myself more searchable online.


This invaluable mentorship had helped me expand and even pursue more opportunities in the real world that I might not have even thought about. She also periodically checks in on me, just to see how I’m doing with my business. I’m proud to recommend her to help struggling and successful businesspersons alike! -Michelle Morningstar, Outschool Teacher 

Michelle Morningstar

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