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Welcome to Academy of Wonder

Welcome aboard! I am so happy you have decided to join me on this teaching adventure. I never realized teaching could be so fun or generate an extra income for my family during this economic crisis. As an entertainer and artist teaching online can only be described as a Godsend. 

Advantages of working under an organization: 

My reviews are Your reviews. 

Of 288 ratings I have 283 Five Star ratings. As a subcontractor in this organization you will start with a 5 Star rating. 

This is a risk to me because your star ratings earned through your teaching will affect my overall rating and because of that I will be very careful in making sure you are prepared before you teach your first class. 

You won't have to apply directly to Outschool. Outschool is currently turning down most new teachers. I know someone who applied with a Master's Degree and 25 years of relevant experience and was declined. Only successful teachers on Outschool have a chance to bring in new teachers within their organizations. I currently teach 425 students every single week.


I have spent almost a year building my business, my brand, and my following. You will not have to do any of that and hope to be noticed amongst the 10,000 other teachers. 

Easier class approvals (though not guaranteed). I am one of a select group of teachers who have an Outschool assistant assigned to me. This program is meant to help successful teachers become even more successful with access to higher up management and troubleshooting. 


I need these forms filled out and then emailed to me.

If you haven't done it yet, please go set up your paypal account. 

IRS Tax Form: You will recieve a 1099 form for taxes near the end of January each year you subcontract with us. 

In order to have your payroll done in a timely manner please fill out and email the following as soon as possible. 

Please fill this form out, print, and email a nice copy to

Fill out this Teacher Contract

Complete this Teacher Training

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