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Online Teacher

Are You Interested in Teaching? 

Our Teachers Are: 

*Intentional       *Knowledgeable

*Passionate      *Excited

*Inclusive          *Prepared 

*Interactive       *Communicative

*Fun                   *Professional

Are you looking to start your journey teaching online? We are looking for teachers who are fun, inclusive, and unique. 

You must be a high school graduate. Further education, including degrees, are needed for some but not all teaching positions. For instance, a magician does not need to have a degree to teach but an English teacher does. The level of education you need is dictated by what you are hoping to teach. Fantastic experience may trump education so let us know why you want to teach a specific area. You must have already been teaching or taught in the past to qualify as an independent contractor, with my current business model I can only accept Independent contractors. 

You must be able to pass a background check per Outschool regulations.

Areas we are looking for:

             Unique Classes in specialty areas

             Fun History Teachers

             Specific Fandom club leaders (For instance FNAF, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Anime) 


Trainings Are Optional: 

            Dealing with diverse students

            How to use Zoom for teaching

            Navigating Outschool

            Additional training can be requested at anytime. 


Ongoing Support: 

            Academy of Wonder will be responsible for: 

                             Getting all your classes approved and scheduled

                             Providing support services including refunds, transfers, and basic support


What You Should Know: 

             As a teacher for Academy of Wonder you will be a subcontractor and responsible for your own taxes. Payment is through Please register now if you haven't already.  

             As an independent contractor you will be able to: 

                            Set your own hours and classroom policies

                            Teach the classes you want to teach (assuming they are approved by Outschool and you are qualified to teach them.)

                            Build your schedule around your life.

                            Set your class prices. 

                            Take vacations or breaks by simply planning them into your schedule.

Pay: Your pay will be based on the number of students. This will sometimes result in a loss to the Academy. 

As a contractor for Academy of Wonder, you will be paid $10-20 for periods up to 30 minutes and $20-35 for periods up to an hour. 

Classes with 1-4 learners enrolled will be paid $10/$20 (30 mins/60 minutes)

Classes with 5-10 learners enrolled will be paid $20 (30 minutes)

Classes with 5-7 will be paid $30 (60 minutes)

8+ enrolled will be paid $35 (60 minutes)

There is no payment for classes with 0 learners. Classes with 0 learners 24 hours before will be cancelled. 

In the event that a student does not show for a 1 student class you will be paid $10 for waiting 10 minutes before leaving.

If you are teaching a private lesson the rate is $20/30 minutes and $40/hour. 

The more popular a class is and the more students that attend the higher the pay for that class. This is affected by subject, demand and competition within that subject, how well the class is presented, overall reviews, and even the time the class is scheduled. Adversely, the lower the demand, the fewer the students the less the pay goes. Newer classes take longer to build a following. Teaching established classes (you can teach some of my established classes if you're a good match for them) will have a higher enrollment from the start. 

The rest of tuition will go to cover expenses for Outschool and Academy of Wonder including payroll, site maintenance, administrative support, and advertising. You will also be immediately linked to all of Academy of Wonder's current and past students and they will see all new classes posted. 

The more specialized and unique your class is (but it must still be a class students want to take) the higher the initial class pricing can be. 

Interested In Learning More? Contact me below to get started on your online teaching journey.

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